What is My Recovery application?

Are you experiencing a car breakdown, a flat tyre, or battery issues? My recovery offers you a quick, easy and efficient car recovery and road assistance services with a press of a button! Use our application and we will be at your service location anywhere and anytime in United Arab Emirates.

  1. How you get our service?

    You can get all. Our services through the application in apple store, Google play or by contacting us through email, WhatsApp and by calling us
    Email: info@myrecovery.ae
    WhatsApp: 0543729017
    Phone Number 0543729017

  2. Where can I use the application?

    MyRecovery application can be used only in United Arab Emirates.

  3. How does Myrecovery application works?

    After downloading the application, click on registration and fill all required information after you completed the registration. MyRecovery app will identify your current location once you are connected to the internet. then select the type of service you would like to get (Recovery, Road Assistance, Car Service) then click on “Place Request “. After that we will connect you to the nearest service provider and you can see the vehicle icon will be moving allowing you to see when the car is near or waiting outside.

  4. What are the services in MyRecovery Application?

    In MyRecovery we provide 99% of your car service needs.

    Such as:

    • Recovery services: Normal & Luxury
    • Road Assistance services: Battery change or rechange, oil & filter change, car unlock, tire replacement, refiling fuel in case of run out.
    • Car services: car registration, service at the dealer, car checkup, long term parking.

  5. Can I know the prices before placing the request?

    Yes, you will have the ability to see the prices before confirming your request. And your preferred method of payment will be shown as a cash payment or Credit/Debit Card payment in the application.

  6. What if I faced a problem with the service provider?

    In Myrecovery we are making sure that our clients getting best services ever, if you faced any issues please do not hesitate to contact us:
    WhatsApp: 0543729017
    Phone Number 0543729017

  7. How can I request the services if I do not have internet connection?

    Do not worry MyRecovery team will take care of you if you do not have the access to the internet, by contacting us we will coordinate to provide you with the necessary service.

  8. Getting a trip receipt?

    Your MyRecovery account includes a receipt of every service you have requested to review:

    • Select My order from the app menu
    • You can review the service, route, pickup location and final destination

  9. Complaint / Queries?

    We are interested in hearing your feedback / complaints. Please press on contact us in the application and we are there 24/7 for you and your issues will be solved.

  10. Can I request the service for another person?

    Yes, you can request the services for others. You only need to select the person location using Pin.

  11. What are your working hours?

    We are 24 hours 7 days a week in your service