Terms And Conditions

Access to services

It has never been suspended your use of MyRecovery services or prevented from using them at any time that you are because you have the full power and authority to contract and that you will not be in violation of any law or contract.

Pledges and guarantees

You acknowledge and warrant that you are you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates, You willprovide accurate and accurate information to MyRecovery and updates it periodically. you will review and comply with any notifications sent through MyRecovery regarding your use of the service provided by the MyRecovery application, You will use the service or application for legitimate purposes only. You will not use the service or application to cause harm, harassment, or inconvenience to someone. you will not hinder the proper operation of the My Recovery app You will not attempt to harm the service or application in any way You will not copy or distribute the application or other contents without obtaining written permission from MyRecovery that you will not cancel the service when the driver arrives to implement the service, and that your right to cancel the service is limited to a period of 5 minutes from the submission of the request, and that he is free to cancel the service for any reason After the cancellation period is allowed, you will be charged 50 dirhams.

The prices

Prices shown in the application depend on each service before ordering, and the price may vary according to the distance traveled from the request and the type of service

Paying off

The rates that roadside service providers offer in exchange for service provision can be found on the website or through the app. MyRecovery may amend or update prices from time to time. It is your responsibility to stay informed of the current prices of the roadside assistance service.

Legal responsibility

The information, recommendations, services, or any of them provided to you on or through the website, service and application are for general information purposes only and do not represent any advice. MyRecovery will preserve as much as possible the correctness and updating of the website and application and its contents, but it does not guarantee that the site (or content) is free of errors, defects, harmful agility and viruses, and does not guarantee the accuracy, accuracy and updating of the website and application. MyRecovery is not responsible for any damage that results from the use (or inability to use) of the site or application, including damage caused by malware or viruses, nor is it responsible for the incorrectness or incomplete information, website, or application, what This damage may not have been due to willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of MyRecovery. MyRecovery does not bear any responsibility for any damages resulting from the use (or inability to use) of electronic means of communication with the website or with the application, including but not limited to - the damages resulting in their delivery or interception or the tampering with electronic communications of the side of others or the side of computer programs used for electronic correspondence and virus transmission. The quality of the roadside assistance service required by using the application or the entire service rests with the service provider who provides you at the end of the roadside assistance service. MyRecovery does not accept responsibility for any actions, behaviors, behavior, or negligence, or all of the above, on the part of the service provider.

Limitation of liability

MyRecovery does not make any guarantees, whether express or implied, related to the services, they are all provided in their entirety

MyRecovery expressly disclaims liability, to the fullest extent possible, according to law, of all warranties, including but not limited to warranties appropriate to a particular purpose, appropriate to certain specifications and markets, and the ability to sell property rights.

MyRecovery does not guarantee the accuracy, content or timing of the services or the results that the user of the services may or may not obtain.

In no case will MyRecovery, its agents, licensors, or subsidiaries be liable for direct or indirect damages, penalties, special damages, or incidental or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, damages resulting from loss of profits, Business disruption, loss of business information or other financial losses) resulting directly or indirectly from accessing and using the services (or failing to use them) or relying on them.


You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the privacy of the services and you are solely responsible for their use by anyone else using your account and / or username, password or your access credentials.

You also agree to the MyRecovery notification if you become aware of any loss, theft, or use of unauthorized use of any password, name or other methods, the IP address used, or the IP address of the services.

Dealings with others

While using the website, application and service, it may be from time to time to provide links to websites owned and controlled by others in order to correspond with others, buy products or services from him, or participate in the promotional offers that he offers. These links take you outside the website, application and service, and they are outside the control of MyRecovery while you use the website, application and service, you may correspond or buy advertisers or sponsors goods or services offering their goods or services via a link on the website or through the application or service. These links take you outside the site, the application and the service, and they are outside the control of MyRecovery. The websites you link to have separate terms and conditions as well as a separate privacy policy. MyRecovery is not responsible for and cannot be held accountable for the content and activities of those websites. Therefore, you assume all risks resulting from the increase or entry of those sites.

Please note that these other websites may send their cookies to users, collect their data, or request personal information. Therefore, we recommend that you check the terms of use or privacy policies on those sites before using them.

Duration and termination of contract

The contract between you and MyRecovery is indefinite. You are entitled to terminate the contract at any time by permanently deleting the hateful application on your smartphone, thereby disrupting your use of the application and the service. You can close your user account at any time.

MyRecovery is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect at any time (disabling your use of the application and service) in the event that you do any of the following:

Violation or breach of any of the user conditions:

  • If MyRecovery thinks that you are misusing the application or service
  • MyRecovery is not obligated to send prior notice of contract termination
Modify the service and user terms

MyRecovery reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace any of the user's existing conditions, or to change, suspend or suspend the service or application (including without limitation, providing any feature, database, or content) in any Time, by posting notifications on the site or by sending you notifications through the service, application, or via email.

MyRecovery may place restrictions on specific features and services or limit your access to portions of the entire service or service without notification or liability.


MyRecovery may send you a notification by sending a general notification about the service or application, or by sending an email to your mailing address registered in the account information with MyRecovery, or by sending a letter by regular mail to your address registered in the account information with MyRecovery.